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Love is Winning

This movie is something we, as a family, are incredibly proud of and are so stoked to share with you! This was not only our entry into the film world (Production, Funding, Producing, Film Festivals, TV Network Distribution, etc...), but a huge labor of love. ie... we LOVE the Ugandans we worked with for 7 years and are eternally grateful for what they taught us about living with real tangible hope. We hope you enjoy the film and it inspires you in your own story!

Film Synopsis

An American couple with average lives have their hearts stirred when they learn of the war plaguing Uganda, and decide to move with the intent of adopting and starting a non-profit. The people they encounter will alter the course of their lives forever. MOVING ON steps into the lives of three incredible Ugandans- Betty, Charles, and Joyce. Although their stories begin with heartbreak, and loss- all have stories of hope. What Moving On beautifully uncovers is that a relationship with Africa is not one sided- the West will not rescue Africa. Their rescues are tied up in one another.


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