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Meet the Hansows

But really.... we’re just a family who thinks the world needs some good news!

In a time when bad news and fear are spreading like epidemics, a seasoned humanitarian family travels the world in search of hope; dispelling the myth that the world is falling apart. But really.... we're just a family who thinks the world needs some good news! Dave and Morgan Hansow are storytellers at heart. They understand the immense power story has to change the world. As producers, social entrepreneurs, and award-winning filmmakers, they've spent their lives dedicated to telling stories of hope, beauty, and risk. After running an NGO in Uganda, Africa for seven years, Dave and Morgan currently run LGHtv, where they produce and host the family travel series, 'The FIND,' alongside their two world-changing children, Asher & Jadyn. Their work has earned them recognition from Oprah, The Huffington Post, as well as magazines and film festivals across the globe. Morgan is also an author, in addition to writing a blog, and articles for Relevant magazine in the past, she has co-authored a children's book, 'The Girl Chronicles: A Story of Good,' which releases in Fall 2017. The Hansow family are Colorado natives that call Redding, California home. 

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Why We’ve Created The FIND

Despite the current fear-based landscape of media, we actually believe people are craving stories that not only entertain but connect humanity at a heart level. As a family, we are on a mission to prove that love is winning! By illuminating the stories where a person's passion intersects with a need in humanity, we believe people will be empowered to appreciate cultural differences, take humanitarian action, and ultimately change the world!